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AAHA, Fear Free, and Cat-Friendly Gold Veterinarian & Animal Hospital in Oakville, ON

We’re glad you’ve stopped by! We hope you’ll stay a while and get to know us. We’re an experienced veterinary medical team serving Oakville, ON pet families, and we’re dedicated to providing the kind of pet- and people- centered care everyone deserves.

Southeast Oakville Vet offers a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility and is the only animal hospital in Canada that is AAHA accredited, Fear Free Practice Certified, and Cat-Friendly Practice Gold Certified. We continue to uphold these distinctions to support a lifetime of excellent health for your pets!

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What Sets Us Apart?

The thing that drives our animal hospital is our relationship with you and your pet. Relationships built on individual needs, trust, respect, communication, and working together are at the heart of everything we do.

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Patient-Centered Care

The gold standard of care is the one that considers your individual needs, priorities, and circumstances along with the unique makeup and medical needs of your pet.

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Private, Local Ownership

We’re invested in serving Oakville and the surrounding community and not the interests of a national or international corporation.

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A Partnership-Based Approach

We believe the best outcomes are achieved when we work together – with you, with each other, and with industry experts and our colleagues in the field.

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Innovative Technology & Best Practices

We’re committed to being a tech-forward and Fear Free® hospital focused on best practices to ensure better, more efficient, and effective care for you and your pets.

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Beautiful, Inviting Facility

We built Southeast Oakville Vet from the ground up to create a space that embodies the standard of care you deserve and where you and your pet feel at home.

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Fear Free Certified Vet
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What Our Clients Say

Complete Veterinary Services in Oakville, ON

Southeast Oakville Vet is a full-service veterinary hospital providing for all your pet’s healthcare needs. Some of our notable services include:

Laparoscopic Surgery
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Laparoscopic Surgery

Our animal hospital is unique in offering a minimally invasive technique for performing laparoscopic dog spays, along with various other surgical procedures, which gives our patients a faster, more comfortable recovery.

Cat Dental Care
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Dental care is essential for your pet, and they should start young! We provide thorough, comprehensive dental services to help prevent periodontal disease in dogs and cats and give our patients better lives.

Laser Therapy On Small Dog
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Laser Therapy

Our therapeutic laser comes in handy when we need to relieve acute or chronic pain in our patients and speed up healing. This non-invasive, drug-free tool has a wide range of applications and causes no harmful side effects.

Ultrasound On Small Dog
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Ultrasound allows us to view the abdominal organs such as the bladder, liver, kidneys, stomach, and spleen in remarkable detail. The information we gain from our ultrasound equipment better informs our treatment plans for our patients.

Sick Pet Care
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Same-Day Urgent & Sick Care

Southeast Oakville Vet is ready for the unexpected. Whether your pet is sick, hurt, or “ain’t doing right,” we offer same-day or next-day appointments for urgent medical concerns.

We’re excited to partner with you and your pet for a lifetime of care that’s custom-made for their needs!