Our In-House Pet Laboratory in Oakville, ON

When we’re dealing with urgent or time-sensitive issues, it’s essential to get answers quickly. The sooner we have the necessary information about your pet’s condition, the sooner we can get him/her on the road to recovery. Our in-house laboratory allows us to analyze blood and urine samples and have answers within hours (sometimes within the hour).

If your pet is due for the annual blood work, get in touch!

Other Veterinary Lab Tests We Offer

At SOVH, we can also perform cytology in-house (evaluating cells under a microscope) from samples taken from the skin – especially useful for those pets dealing with nagging skin or ear infections. The rest – poop samples (to test for parasites) and aspirates or biopsies (to evaluate lumps and bumps) – we send to an external lab with a quick turnaround.

Why Regular Pet Lab Work is Important

Our pets can’t tell us how they’re feeling, or what might be wrong. But with our in-house laboratory and capable team, we can get to the bottom of existing problems or discover an unseen issue in a seemingly healthy pet. Keeping up with routine testing helps your best friend stay ahead of illness and enjoy a healthier life.

Veterinarian With Dog
Navy Quotation Mark

"Excellent care, amazing vets and support staff and first class facilities. We live in Muskoka and have followed Dr. Iz from Etobicoke to her new home in Oakville. Our best guy Wally has a significant number of major issues and the SOVH has been totally engaged in diagnosing and working towards real treatment solutions that have given him health and wellness. We are so very grateful and appreciative of their outstanding care and commitment to our little guy! We highly recommend the SOVH for high quality care and excellent service."

Rick G.