Payment Options and Pet Insurance

Golden Retriever And Vet Tech At Computer

Payments Methods We Accept

Southeast Oakville Veterinary Hospital is glad to accept the following as payment:

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a way to budget for your pet's care, allowing you to make decisions based on their needs rather than financial constraints. It can prevent having to make heartbreaking decisions and provide peace of mind that your pet is protected. Insurance mainly covers accidents and illnesses, with some companies offering optional coverage for routine care like vaccinations and dental cleanings.

The cost and coverage depend on factors like the type and breed of your pet, age, and the deductible and co-insurance level you choose. Cats generally cost less to insure than dogs, and young, healthy pets without pre-existing conditions are cheaper to cover.

We often recommend two providers: Pets Plus Us and Trupanion. Pets Plus Us covers more services and offers discounts for Costco members, though reimbursement takes 2-4 weeks. Trupanion provides direct hospital payments via Vet Direct Pay™. Both offer free trials.